Online Test Series

Try the JEE test online (chemistry subject only) and improve your JEE 2021 exam preparation to get the best result. The high-quality Questions are included so that Students can be easily attempted without any hindrance. The test series are based on the latest test pattern and therefore include the important question.

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Daily Practice Problems (DPP)

Daily Practice Problems (DPP) acts as an important practice tool for NEET/JEE preparation. We have incorporated our DPP file to provide you with a resource for daily practice that will help you improve your question-solving skills and build your confidence. DPP supports dynamic preparation and keeps your mind active.

Video Lectures(Chemistry)

This Lecture series of Chemistry is easy to understand. You can watch all video on our Youtube channel. We provide you almost every Topic of chemistry.

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Download Chemistry Notes

Download chemistry notes in PDF format. We make these chemistry notes like you are in your Class. Watch our Youtube video during read these notes so you can better understand with easy way.

JEE Previous Year Papers

Solving JEE questions from previous years is one of the necessary steps toward planned preparation. Immediately after the exam, question articles from previous JEE years were made available on the website along with solutions and answer keys.