You are currently viewing JEE-Main Practice Question paper with Solution

JEE-Main Practice Question paper with Solution

It’s important to note that while practicing JEE question papers, you should also focus on understanding the concepts and improving your problem-solving skills rather than just memorizing the answers. Good luck with your preparation!

Here is the list of the all 30 Chapter of Chemistry Question papers for practice for JEE-Main.

JEE-main Practice question papers

I          Basic Concepts of Chemistry

II        Structure of Atom

III      Classification of Elements & Periodicity in Properties 

IV       Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure          

V         States of Matter: Gases and Liquids

VI       Thermodynamics

VII     Equilibrium

VIII    Redox Reactions

IX       Hydrogen

X         s-Block Elements

XI       p-Block Elements

XII     Organic Chemistry: Basic Principles & Techniques

XIII   Hydrocarbons

XIV    Environmental Chemistry

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