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microcosmic salt

Method of Preparation of Microcosmic Salt

Microcosmic means man’s. Human urine contains this salt. Therefore, it is called Microcosmic Salt. Its other name is sodium Ammonium Hydrogen Phosphate( (NH4)NaHPO4).

microcosmic salt
microcosmic salt

Preparation Of Microcosmic Salt

It is made up of two levels.

First Method:

Disodium phosphate and ammonia chloride are mixed with crystals of micros on mixing and cooling their hot solutions according to equal amounts of their gram weight.

N\a2HPO4 + NH4Cl + 4H2O → Na(NH4)HPO4.4H2O + NaCl

Second Method:

Crystals of microcosmic salts are obtained after cooling by mixing 5 parts of disodium phosphate and two parts of ammonia sulfate by making a hot solution.

Physical Properties:

It is a colorless crystalline solid substance. It dissolves in water.

Chemical Properties:

Effects of heat: On heating microcosmic salt, ammonia gas is released and sodium meta-phosphate is formed, which is transparent.

Na(NH4)HPO4.4H2O → NH3 + 5H2O + NaPO3

Sodium forms colored orthophosphates by coinciding with metal oxidation at high temperatures. Due to this property, it is used in qualitative analysis to test metallic roots.

CuO + NaPO3 → CuNaPO4

Similarly, other types of the bead are made. Whose colors are of different types. These colors can be identified to ashes.

Uses of Microcosmic Salt

In qualitative analysis, microcosmic salts are used for dry tests of various asymptomatic roots. This test is called the microcosmic salt bead test.

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