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NEET Amines Previous Year Questions with Answer Keys

1. Which of the following reactions is appropriate for converting ace amide to methoxamine?

(a) Hoffmann hypobromamide reaction

(b) Stephen’s reaction

(c) Gabriel phthalimide synthesis

(d) Carbylamines reaction                                                                                                  (a)

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2. Method by which aniline cannot be prepared is –


(a) Degradation of benzamine with bromine in alkaline solution


(b) Reduction of nitrobenzene with H2/ Pd in ethanol


(c) Potassium salt of phthalimide treated with chlorobenzene followed by hydrolysis with aqueous NaOH solution


(d) Hydrolysis of phenylisocyanide with acidic solution.                      (c)



(a)       (b)


(c)        (d) (c )

5. Ace amide is treated with the following reagents Separately. Which one of these would yield methyl? Amine?


(a) NaOH-Br2                      (b) Soda lime


(c) Hot conc.H2SO4        (d) PCl5                                                              (a)


6. Which one of the following on reduction with lithium Aluminum hydride yields a secondary amine?


(a) Methyl isocyanides     (b) Ace amide


(c) Methyl cyanide           (d) Nitromethane                       (a)

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12. Which of the following amines will give the carbylamines test?


(a)      (b)


(c)      (d)                                         (a)

13. The correct order of the basic strength of methyl substituted amines in aqueous solution is


(a) CH3NH2 > (CH3)2NH > (CH3)3N


(b) (CH3)2NH > CH3NH2 > (CH3)3N


(c) (CH3)3N > CH3NH2 > (CH3)2NH


(d) (CH3)3N > (CH3)2NH > CH3NH2                                 (b)

14. The amine that reacts with Hinesburg’s reagent to give an alkali insoluble
product is –