Chemistry lectures are based on CBSE XI and XII syllabus. It also includes problems discussion related to NEET and JEE preparation.

NEET Previous Year Chemistry Questions Chapter Biomolecules

1. Sucrose on hydrolysis gives                                          (NEET 2020)(a) β-D-glucose + α-D-fructose(b) α-D-glucose + β-D-glucose(c) α-D-glucose + β-D-fructose(d) α-D-fructose + β-D-fructose2. The difference between amylose and amylopectin is               (NEET 2018)(a) amylopectin have…


NEET Amines Previous Year Questions with Answer Keys

1. Which of the following reactions is appropriate for converting ace amide to methoxamine?(a) Hoffmann hypobromamide reaction(b) Stephen’s reaction(c) Gabriel phthalimide synthesis(d) Carbylamines reaction                                                                                                  (a) Chemistry Notes Download Physics Notes…


Alcohol, Phenols and Ether Previous Year Questions with Answer

1. The general molecular formula, which represents the homologous series of alkanols is                                                                                                                       NEET 2006(a) CnH2n+2O      (b) CnH2nO2(c) CnH2nO          (d) CnH2n + 1O2. Reaction between acetone and methyl magnesium…