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Polymers NEET Questions : Previous year questions

1. Which of the following is a natural polymer?                          (NEET 2020)

(a) cis-1, 4-polyisoprene

(b) Poly (Butadiene-styrene)

(c) Polybutadiene 5. Natural rubber has

(d) Poly (Butadiene-acrylonitrile

2. The polymer that is used as a substitute for wool in Making commercial fibers is (NEET 2019)

(a) Melamine                  (b) nylon-6, 6

(c) Polyacrylonitrile           (d) Buna-N.

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3. Regarding cross-linked or network polymers, which Of the following statements is incorrect?                                                                          (NEET 2018)

(a) They contain covalent bonds between various Linear polymer chains.

(b) They are formed from bi- and tri-functional Monomers.

(c) Examples are bakelite and melamine.

(d) They contain strong covalent bonds in their Polymer chains.

4. Which one of the following structures represents nylon 6, 6 polymer? (NEET-II 2016)

(a)                                (b)

(c)          (d)

5. Natural rubber has                                               (NEET-I 2016)

(a) Alternate cis– and trans-configuration

(b) Random cis– and trans-configuration

(c) All cis-configuration

(d) All trans-configuration.

6. Caprolactam is used for the manufacture of                   (2015)

(a) Teflon                       (b)terylene

(c) Nylon 6, 6                (d) nylon 6.

7. Which one of the following is an example of Thermosetting polymer? (2014)

(a) Sealing Wax                                             (b) Nylon – 6, 6

(c) PVC                                                         (d) Bakelite

8. Which of the following organic compounds polymerizes to form the polyester Dacron? (2014)

(a) Propylene and para HO—(C6H4)—OH

(b) Benzoic acid and ethanol

(c) Terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol

(d) Benzoic acid and para HO—(C6H4)—OH

9. Nylon is an example of                                                            (NEET 2013)

(a) Polyamide             (b) polythene

(c) Polyester              (d) polysaccharide.

10. Which is the monomer of neoprene in the following? (NEET 2013, 2003)

(A) CH2=C(Cl)−CH=CH2

(B) CH2=C(CH3)−CH=CH2



11. Which one of the following is not a condensation polymer?   (2012)

(a) Melamine       (b) Glyptic

(c) Dacron           (d) Neoprene

12. Which of the following statements is false?                           (2012)

(a) Artificial silk is derived from cellulose.

(b) Nylon-6,6 is an example of elastomer.

(c) The repeat unit in natural rubber is isoprene.

(d) Both starch and cellulose are polymers of glucose.

13. Of the following which one is classified as polyester polymer?           (2011)

(a) Terylene               (b) Bakelite

(c) Melamine            (d) Nylon-6,6

14. Which of the following structures represents neoprene polymer?           (2010)

(a)                         (b)

(c)                                   (d)

15. Structures of some common polymers are given. Which one is not correctly
presented?                                                                               (2009)

(a)             (b)