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The s-Block Elements NEET Questions : NEET Previous year Papers

1. Ionic mobility of which of the following alkali metal ions is lowest when aqueous solution of their salts are put under an electric field?      (NEET 2017)

(a) K                           (b) Rb

(c) Li                          (d) Na

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2. Which one of the alkali metals, forms only, the normal oxide, M2O on heating in air?    (2012)

(a) Rb                    (b) K

(c) Li                     (d) Na

3. The ease of adsorption of the hydrated alkali metal ions on an ion-exchange resins follows the order                                                                    (2012)

(a) Li+ < K+ < Na+< Rb+

(b) Rb+ < K+ < Na+< Li+

(c) K+ < Na+ < Rb+ < Li+

(d) Na+ < Li+ < K+ < Rb+

4. The sequence of ionic mobility in aqueous solutionis              (2008)

(a) Rb+ > K+ > Cs+ > Na+

(b) Na+ > K+ > Rb+ > Cs+

(c) K+ > Na+ > Rb+ > Cs+

(d) Cs+ > Rb+ > K+ > Na+

7. In the case of alkali metals, the covalent character decreases in the order         (2009)

(a) MF > MCl > MBr > MI

(b) MF > MCl > MI > MBr

(c) MI > MBr > MCl > MF

(d) MCl > MI > MBr > MF

8. The alkali metals form salt-like hydrides by the direct synthesis at elevated temperature. The thermal stability of these hydrides decreases in which of the Following orders?      (2008)

(a) NaH > LiH > KH > RbH > CsH

(b) LiH > NaH > KH > RbH > CsH

(c) CsH > RbH > KH > NaH > LiH

(d) KH > NaH > LiH > CsH > RbH

10. Which of the alkali metal chloride (MCl) forms its dehydrate salt (MCl.2H2O) easily?                                                                                         (NEET 2019)

(a) LiCl                (b) CsCl

(c) RbCl               (d) KCl

11. Crude sodium chloride obtained by crystallization of brine solution does not contain                                                                                     (NEET 2019)

(a) MgSO4             (b) Na2SO4

(c) MgCl2              (d) CaSO4

12. In Costner-Kellner cell for production of sodium hydroxide   (NEET 2013)

(a) Brine is electrolyzed using graphite electrodes

(b) Molten sodium chloride is electrolyzed

(c) Sodium amalgam is formed at mercury cathode

(d) Brine is electrolyzed with Pt electrodes.

13. Which of the following statements is incorrect?                     (NEET 2011)

(a) Pure sodium metal dissolves in liquid ammonia to give blue solution.

(b) NaOH reacts with glass to give sodium silicate.

(c) Aluminum reacts with excess NaOH to give Al(OH)3.

(d) NaHCO3 on heating gives Na2CO3.

17. The following metal ion activates many enzymes, participates in the oxidation of glucose to produce ATP and with Na, is responsible for the transmission of nerve signals.                                                                (NEET 2020)

(a) Iron                                      (b) Copper

(c) Calcium                                (d) Potassium

18. The function of “Sodium pump” is a biological process operating in each and every cell of all animals. Which of the following biologically important ions is also a constituent of this pump?                                                      (2015)

(a) K+                                         (b) Fe2+

(c) Ca2+                                      (d) Mg2+

19. Magnesium reacts with an element (X) to form an ionic compound. If the ground state electronic configuration of (X) is 1s2 2s2 2p3, the simplest

Formula for this compound is                                                      (NEET 2018)

(a) Mg2X3                       (b) MgX2

(c) Mg2X                  (d) Mg3X2

23. HCl was passed through a solution of CaCl2, MgCl2 and NaCl. Which of the following compound(s) crystallize(s)?                                         (NEET 2020)

(a) Both MgCl2 and CaCl2

(b) Only NaCl

(c) Only MgCl2

(d) NaCl, MgCl2 and CaCl2

24. Which of the following is an amphoteric hydroxide?            (NEET 2019)

(a) Be(OH)2                   (b) Sr(OH)2

(c) Ca(OH)2                    (d) Mg(OH)2

25. Among CaH2, BeH2, BaH2, the order of ionic character is     (NEET 2018)

(a) BeH2 < CaH2 < BaH2

(b) CaH2 < BeH2 < BaH2

(c) BeH2 < BaH2 < CaH2

(d) BaH2< BeH2 < CaH2

26. On heating which of the following releases CO2 most easily? (2015)

(a) Na2CO3                   (b) MgCO3

(c) CaCO3                    (d) K2CO3