Crash Course NEET/JEE 2021

Content of course

  1. Full chapter revision
  2. Online Test (Chapter wise)
  3. Online combined test
  4. Previous year paper solution
  5. Practice Sheet
  6. Doubt live classes

Online Tests

Give online Test for JEE/NEET

Daily Practice problems

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Chemistry formula

Handwritten Notes

Download Chemistry Handwritten Notes almost whole Chemistry(Class 11 and 12)

Printed Notes

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Important Chemistry Topics

·        Fuel Gases

·        Ionisation Potential

·        Metallurgy Process

·        Types of Fertilizers

·        Electric Potential Energy

·        Cement

·        Plaster of Paris

·        Microcosmic Salt

·        Caustic Soda

·        Hydrogen Peroxide

·        Heavy Water

·        Isotopes of Hydrogen

·        Chemical Equilibrium

·        Laughing Gas

·        Electron Configuration

·        Chemical Formula

·        White Phosphorus

·        Molecules